The Team

With over 20+ years of real estate experience at the team of Hillskie Real Estate Marketing, their extensive knowledge of the lower mainland, along with their advanced client database and massive social media following has boosted their sales and marketing tactics to the top. Comprised of top 1% and Medallion Club member realtors on their team, Hillskie is proven to provide developers with the best. 

There are many components to marketing and selling Single Family Homes, Townhome and Condo projects. Hillskie provides the ease of an all-in-one package, where our team will manage and execute anything from the website & brochure creation to the show home design and operations. We provide developers an edge and confidence needed for a smooth and hassle-free sale.


Known for being an award-winning realtor, Becky Zhou Hill has had over 20 years of real estate experience. Extensive knowledge of the lower mainland has allowed Becky to be a top 1% realtor and Medallion club member in the Fraser Valley for many years — selling anything from single-family homes to whole residential development sites. With her advanced client database, massive social media following, and advanced marketing strategies, Becky can simplify the process for buyers and sellers for a smooth and hassle-free sale. 

Development — Cheer Real Estate Development

Based in Vancouver, BC, Cheer real estate development has extensive experience in building both residential and commercial properties. The team is comprised of creative and experienced experts that have developed real estate projects of multiple magnitudes in Canada and Asia. The Wolong Valley project in Hainan, China, which was completed in 2017, covers an area of ​​218 acres, with a construction area of ​​30 acres. The project consists of nine 12-story apartments and 80 villas, supporting a hotel and a commercial club. The ongoing Gateway Living project in Surrey Central has a total of 80 units that provide homeowners with unmatched convenience and comfort. With multiple real estate projects planned out in the coming years, we are thrilled to bring much more top-notch quality and high-value homes to the Canadian residents.

Architecture — Martin Liew Architecture Inc.

Martin Liew Architecture Inc. an award-winning firm and his team have extensive experience in various types of residential buildings and mixed-use projects after years of practice. With his unique fine arts background, Mr. Liew’s strength is to balance all aspects of the design and aesthetic factors, without having the integrity of the highest quality of design compromised. Integration of aesthetics, lifestyle and functionality into architecture is the core of his philosophy.  

Landscaping — PMG Landscape Architects

PMG Landscape Architects, the award-winning firm provides a sustainable design that connects the residence to their community and environment through the thoughtful integration of form and function.